3.3 Offline Gameplay

In 3D City Metaverse, we've designed our game architecture with player convenience and accessibility at the forefront. We understand that constant online connectivity is not always feasible or desirable for players, and we've addressed this through our unique game save system.

To participate in certain aspects of the game, such as minting land or purchasing items, you will require an internet connection. This is necessary because these actions involve interactions with the blockchain, a process that requires an online connection to validate and record the transactions.

After you've completed your purchases or land minting, the game saves these assets directly into your save game file. This process is an integral part of our custom blockchain connectivity blueprint. It ensures that your assets are securely stored and readily accessible to you, regardless of your online status. Once your assets are saved in this way, you won't need an internet connection to access or use them within the game. They become part of your in-game inventory, available for you to utilize in your gameplay whenever you wish.

However, certain features and functionalities of the game do require an online connection. These include buying and selling items on the marketplace, accessing wallet functions, and staking or claiming rewards. These actions necessitate real-time blockchain interactions, hence the need for internet connectivity.

In essence, while 3D City Metaverse does leverage the power of blockchain technology and online connectivity for certain features, we've also prioritized the offline gameplay experience. By storing your assets in the save game file, we've made it possible for you to enjoy a rich, immersive, and continuous gaming experience, whether you're connected to the internet or not. This balance between online and offline functionalities is a testament to our commitment to creating a game that is as flexible and player-friendly as it is technologically advanced.

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