8. Roadmap and Future Plans

The development trajectory for 3D City Metaverse is ambitious, strategically planned, and far-reaching. Our comprehensive timeline extends well into 2024, and it's filled with a series of compelling milestones, updates, and enhancements that are designed to continuously invigorate the gaming environment for our players. In addition to these game-centric advancements, we are also focusing on our most valuable resource - our team. We are proactively seeking out talented individuals who align with our vision and can contribute their skills to the continued expansion and evolution of our metaverse.

Detailed Development Timeline: Our roadmap is a clear and comprehensive plan that traces the future trajectory of 3D City Metaverse. It lays out key milestones, objectives, and targets for the forthcoming months and years, providing a transparent view of our ambitious plans.

Starting in Q2 of 2023, we will finalize the beta demo of the game for client review, optimizing game performance and finalizing assets. This period will also see a marketing and promotional campaign to build hype for the game's official release. In June, we will achieve a significant milestone with the official PC Game Release (Single Player).

In Q3, we will concentrate on gathering player feedback and continue our marketing efforts. Concurrently, the mobile version of the game will be developed and optimized, culminating in the Mobile Game Release (Single Player) in September.

Q4 will see us focusing on optimizing multiplayer functionality, testing server-host logic, and ensuring the seamless integration of blockchain functions with multiplayer mode. This period will end with the much-awaited Multiplayer Game Release in November.

Moving into 2024, our plans become even more ambitious. Q1 will see us develop and integrate the 3D City Metaverse Hong Kong Expansion Pack, with its release scheduled for January. We will follow a similar pattern for Q2, Q3, and Q4, releasing the Africa, Medieval, and Ultra Expansion Packs respectively. Each expansion pack will introduce a new thematic environment to the game, enriching the gameplay and offering fresh experiences to our players.

Team Expansion: Alongside the development of 3D City Metaverse, we are also investing in our team. Led by Laurent, our team is looking to expand by bringing in talented professionals who share our passion for gaming and blockchain technology. If you are excited by the prospect of shaping the future of gaming and metaverses and are eager to contribute to our journey, we'd love to connect with you. Our team is our greatest asset, and we firmly believe in the power of collective creativity and innovation. By expanding our team, we will enhance our ability to deliver on our promises and ensure that 3D City Metaverse continues to push boundaries in the gaming industry.

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