9. Current Team and Future Expansion

Spearheading the development and creative direction of 3D City Metaverse is Laurent, our sole developer and the innovative mind behind this ambitious project. With a clear vision and a relentless drive, Laurent has managed to build a game that looks like the product of an army of developers, despite being a one-person team. However, the journey of 3D City Metaverse is only just beginning, and the path forward involves expanding the team to support the game's continued evolution and growth.

We are cognizant of the significant role that a diverse and talented team plays in the successful realization of a project of this magnitude. As such, we are proactively seeking out creative minds who can bring their unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to our team. Our aim is to assemble a team of dedicated professionals who share our vision for 3D City Metaverse and are passionate about pushing the boundaries of gaming and blockchain technology. We are confident that with the right team in place, we will be able to sustain the pace of development, foster innovation, and ensure the continued success of our game.

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