5.3 Proxy Contract

To further secure the financial underpinning of the game's continued development, improvement, and maintenance, we have integrated an innovative feature in our blockchain architecture - a proxy contract. This contract functions as a built-in mechanism that levies a minimal transaction fee of 1% on all in-game transactions.

The transaction fee, which is payable in the native blockchain currency, ensures that we maintain a constant and reliable income stream. This innovative approach is particularly beneficial because it allows us to generate revenue without depleting or affecting the supply of our game token, 3DC. It ensures that the game's tokenomics remain intact and undisturbed, fostering a healthy in-game economy.

Importantly, the revenue generated from these transaction fees is systematically reinvested into the game. These funds are primarily directed towards the continued development of the game, further expanding and enhancing the game world, ensuring regular updates, and introducing new features that enrich the player experience. Additionally, the funds also support essential operational expenses such as server costs, maintenance, and other backend services that ensure seamless and uninterrupted gaming for our players.

In essence, our proxy contract serves a dual purpose. Not only does it provide a sustainable funding model for the game's growth and development, but it also reinforces our commitment to maintaining a rewarding and balanced in-game economy for our players. By aligning our financial interests with those of our players, we believe we've created a model that promotes long-term sustainability and mutual growth.

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